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Call The DVLA Executive If You Have Lost Your License

August 7, 2016

DVLA or Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency have the sole purpose of maintaining are cord of the drivers and vehicles of Great Britain. Every year they collect about £5.6 billion Vehicle Excise Duty (VED). There are over 47 million registered drivers and 39 million registered vehicles in their database. The main purpose for which they are build up is because to improve road safety, reduce vehicle-related crime and to limit the tax evasion of the vehicle.

History Of DVLA

The agency is originally known as Driving and Vehicle Licensing Centre (DVLC). It was established nearly 40 years ago by the Depart of transport. They are totally a governmental agency. The main office is located in Swansea. They have introduced the Electronic Vehicle Licensing (EVL) technique. This technique has replaced the whole pen and paper-based organization to a digital one. You can apply for any process sitting at your home. The processing time is also reduced to half. There is a number of services provided by this organization.

What Are The Responsible Of DVLA?

DVLA is responsible for the following purposes

  • The issue of the license of drivers and registration of their vehicle.
  • Keep a track of the drivers and their medical condition.
  • Issue blue badges for the physically challenged persons.
  • Collect taxes and takes action against tax evaders.
  • Buy and sell personalized registration plates.
  • Help the police department with their huge database of vehicle and drivers.

Other than these you can also file a complaint if you are not satisfied with their service. You can also check the license of another person who is going to hire your vehicle. You can call them anytime, for dissing any of the above-stated matters.

How To Process?

You can apply for anything sitting at your home. There are different types of forms available in their online sites. You need to fill the form and submit it. They will validate your details and give you a successful mail. You will have to pay the amount with the help of online means. You can check the status of your application from their site.

The other way is obviously offline means. You will have to collect a form from the post office. There are also various types of forms for different needs. You need to fill out the forms and post it to the DVLA office address. If the process needs fees, then you will have to attach a cheque of that amount with your form. Time taken by the offline process is longer than the online one.

How To Get A License?

  • The Issue Of License: you will have to log in by using your government gateway id. You will have to qualify for the age and physical criteria for driving a particular type of vehicle. Documents like National Insurance number, passport, address proof where you have lived for minimum three years, is also required.
  • Renew: you will have to renew your license once in a decade. It will require the same documents.
  • Reissue Of License: a license can be reissued if it is lost, damaged or stolen.

Request DVLA To Pay Your Vehicle Excise Duty (VED)

August 1, 2016

What Does DVLA Do?

DVLA stands for Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency. They maintain the record of registration and licensing of drivers as well as vehicles in Great Britain. They presently have records of 47 million drivers and over 39 million vehicles. They collect the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED). In a year they collect about £5.6 billion a year. They also share their information with the police department, if they need it. This information is collected so as to improve road safety, vehicle-related crimes, and limit tax evasion of the vehicles.

Background Of DVLA


This agency was originally known as Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre (DVLC). The Department of Transport started the organization nearly 40 years ago. The office is located in Swansea. They have modernized the paper based process into a totally digital one with the help of Electronic Vehicle Licensing (EVL) technique. This digital service has greatly helped the common people to process their needs sitting at their home. It has also reduced the time of processing.

What Are The Services Provided By Them?

They are responsible for providing the following services

  • They keep a track of the drivers and their medical condition.
  • They have the authority to issue photo card driving license
  • They also provide vehicle registration certificates to the vehicle keepers.
  • They collect taxed and takes action against tax evaders.
  • Helping the police with their huge database of drivers and vehicle.
  • They provide blue badges for the persons with disabilities.
  • They are also responsible for selling DVLA personalized

They have a customer service helpline which is active all throughout the day. You can contact them to tell about any issue related to the above-related matters. You can also file a complaint if you are not satisfied with the service.

Tell DVLA About Your Medical Condition

It is possible that someone may develop any medical condition, which affects the driving or your medical condition has got worse after you got your license, then you must contact DVA as soon as possible. The common medical conditions include epilepsy, strokes, neuro and mental health related problem, physical disability and virtual disability. All these conditions must be reported to DVLA as soon as possible. There are different forms, for different kinds of disabilities. You can call the DVLA customer care if you are not sure what to do.

If DVLA finds out that you are hiding some medical condition, then you may be fined up to £1,000 for this. You will also be prosecuted if you have an accident. If your doctor tells you to stop driving, then you must surrender your license. You can reapply for a new license if there is an improvement.


All these services are provided by DVLA so as to improve the road safety. There are online as well as an offline method to approach DVLA. There are different types of forms available in the post office; you will have to fill the form and post it to their office address. You will also have to attach a cheque, for the processing fees.

Are You Worried About Losing Your License? Relax And Get In Touch With DVLA

July 5, 2016

DVLA is totally a governmental agency, which stands for Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. Its purpose is to maintain a record of drivers and records of vehicles all over the UK. The organization was created by the Department of Transport in 1930. This agency first introduced the Electronic Vehicle Licensing (EVL) technique in 2004. This helped the people to recompense vehicle expunge duty through online or telephone. Recently the agency has a database of 44 million licensed driver and 36 million licensed vehicles.

What Are The Services Provided By Them?

  • You can call them for car tax disc inquiries
  • You will have to report them in case of lost license
  • You can update your records
  • You can buy or sell private registration plates
  • You can report of untaxed vehicle
  • You can also check the license of someone hiring your vehicle.

DVLA contact helpline number is open all 24×7. It is a fully automated telephone service. The agency will help you to make all your information up to date. They also perform activities like issuing a new driving license, issuing blue badges for physically disabled drivers, updating records for vehicles and helping the police with their database.

What To Do Is You Lose Your Driving Licence?

You can approach for new Driving License in case it gets stolen, damaged or misplaced. You will have to visit their online website to make an online application. You must have a valid UK passport or similar form of identity. You must provide the address proof, where you are living for the last three years. The process will be smoother if you have your National insurance number or your driving license number. After completing the online application process, you will get your license within a week.

You can also apply for a replacement license over the phone. The helpline number is open all time. You will have to pick up a D1 application form from the local post office. You can also contact DVLA representatives for that. Generally,the license consists of two parts the photo part and the paper part. If only one part is missing, you will have the send that part of the application. Irrespective of which part you have lost, the DVLA will issue both the parts. But the postal application part may take up to three weeks of time. If you are making an online application, you need to pay the amount through debit or credit card. If you are using postal application, you need to send the amount by cheque.


DVLA provides an easy solution for any kind of driving license query. But remember, if your driving license is lost or stolen you will have first to report it to the police. By the time the new driving license papers, you can drive. By any chance,if you find out your lost or stolen driving license, you will have to return it to DVLA since it is invalid.